Get a Digital Fix of The Big Issue from Next Monday

By Jon Partridge on at

The Northern edition of The Big Issue, sold in the streets of Britain by the homeless, is to go digital from next Monday, first starting off in Manchester and then across the other northern cities, enabling another way for people to earn income via the magazine.

From the 29th October, people will be able to read The Big Issue on their screens, by purchasing an access card from vendors selling the physical magazine edition. The card features a scratch-off panel, which then reveals a unique redeemable code and enables consumers to access the magazine digitally by entering the code or by scanning it with a mobile device. The card costs £2 -- the same as the regular magazine edition.

When redeeming the code, you'll be asked to register for the digital magazine service, and any issues you purchase remain available in your registered account, and can be accessed on multiple devices. The code itself, is a one-time use affair, and can't be used by anyone else. The video above explains the new way for helping people earn an income. [YouTube via The Guardian]