Girl Had Stomach Removed After Drinking Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail

By Sam Gibbs on at

This comes straight out of the annals of "who the hell thought that was a good idea?!" One poor 18-year-old girl is seriously ill in hospital, having undergone life-saving surgery to remove her stomach, which was totally destroyed by drinking a freezing Jaegermeister cocktail laced with deadly liquid nitrogen.

A bar in Lancaster apparently sold the cocktail spiked with liquid nitrogen. Considering liquid nitrogen sits at just under -196 degrees Celsius (the temperature at which it boils), that's blatantly asking for trouble. Scientists use it as an instant freezer; it pretty much freezes everything super-cold on contact, which is exactly what it did to poor Gabby Scanlan's stomach when she necked the cocktail.

Apparently the bar has now stopped selling the "super chilled" drinks, but honestly, is that enough? The police are currently investigating, but surely someone should pay for this? Take this as a warning: Liquid nitrogen is awesome, there's no doubt, but it's also absolutely lethal. It'll freeze any bit of you that comes into contact with it instantly, and there's no coming back from that. You really could lose a finger, tongue or stomach in an instant. [ITV]

Image credit: Liquid Nitrogen from Shutterstock