Google Adds Your Personal Files to its Search Listings

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're signed in to Google and have opted in to its new search upgrade field test, the main Google search window can now display results from your Gmail account and list any relevant docs or files it finds stored inside your Google Drive cloud storage area.

The upgrade, which requires users to first opt in here and to be using the domain for their searches, will then rifle through all your stuff and serve it up for you alongside web results, making it a dead easy way to dig up an old email without having to open up the Gmail app, for example.

It also means your Google Drive files will be searchable by anyone using a computer signed in with your Google account, so it might be time to start being a little more vigilant about actually clicking the "sign out" button every once in a while, should you activate this new mega-search facility. [Google via RWW]