Google Calendar Is Now on the Play Store (But It Might Not Work on Your Phone)

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Finally Google has made its Calendar app available on the Play Store, in the process of overhauling the software that comes pre-installed on any phone running stock Android. Sadly, though, it might not work properly on your phone.

There are some nice new features: you can pinch-to-zoom on individual days to see more or less of your itinerary, and you can set a home time zone to make traveling less confusing. Otherwise, the colour scheme's had an overhaul and the icon's changed.

But the big draw here is for users of phones with proprietary calendars installed — think Samsung's TouchWiz or HTC's Sense. In most cases, the calendars on non-stock Android phones are awful, and the fact the Google app is available on the Play Store means you can change that.

One small snag: Google admits there are some compatibility issues. Testing it out on an HTC, they're damn right: while the Month and Agenda views work fine, Week and Day views appear empty even though they're not. Sigh.

Still, the app is free and works with Android devices on version 4.0.3 and up, so it's worth trying, at least. [Google Play]