Google Patents Bonkers Pop-Up... Projecting... Wireless... Touchscreen... Watch

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest weird discovery from the brains of Google's development teams is what the tech giant is calling a "smart-watch," with Google registering the design of a watch that does, well, everything.

The design, filed with the US Patent Office, is for a device that's sort of like a watch, only it comes with a pop-up transparent display that adds a layer of augmented reality features to the surroundings of the wearer. The listing also claims the device, should Google or anyone else be mad enough to make it, comes with an additional display beneath the flip-up portion, which is presumably where the more advanced functionality would sit.

While it looks and sounds rather bonkers, we think it might be seen as a much more palatable way of selling Google Glass technology to the masses, seeing as a slightly chunky wristwatch is a much more subtle way of carrying this sort of AR tech around with you than wearing a big bloody computer on your face. []