Google Street View Staff Lugging Backpack of Shame Around US National Parks

By Gary Cutlack on at

The good things about working for Google include stuff like being able to sit there on the internet all day and say it's genuinely for work, but the bad? How about having to wear a bright blue and green backpack and walk around in public?

The backpack is a portable version of the company's Street View camera technology, which we've previously seen bolted onto bikes, trikes and its huge fleet of cars. Now it's been made portable enough for a couple of men to sheepishly carry around on their backs, as part of a plan to map places where even bikes can't go.

The team calls it the Street View Trekker, which is making its first appearance around the walkways of the Grand Canyon right now, recording it in the same immersive 3D quality managed by its vehicle fleet, while apparently being controlled via a custom Android app that sits on the phone of the wearer.

The end result will be like going for a walk somewhere nice, only without having to go out and raise your own heart rate above its usual steady 58bpm. [YouTube via Google]