Google's Launched Its Own Credit Card in the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

Who needs NFC when you've got good ol'plastic, eh? Having failed to bring Google Wallet to our shores, big G's done the next best thing and launched a credit card in the UK -- a global first too.

The credit card is actually just a rebranded Barclaycard, so it's not actually all that special. Unfortunately, there's also a rather large catch, which rather limits the utility of the traditional plastic. The only thing you can buy with Google's MasterCard is Mountain View's own Adwords text ads, which seems kind of ludicrous until you find out that this thing is purely for business.

Apparently Google thought that smaller businesses weren't buying as many of its ads as it thought they should. It came to the conclusion that it was because they didn't have the collateral for up-front purchases, so produced a credit card to spread the load. Handy, I guess.

Now, if Google would like to release Google Wallet in the UK, and a credit card for average punters if it's so inclined, we'd be happy. Natwest and all the other contactless payment providers are, frankly, making a bit of a disparate mess of things at the moment -- give us one unifying standard we can all get behind, please? [The Register]

Image credit: Credit cards from Shutterstock