Halo 4 Gets Leaked Onto BitTorrent a Month Before Release

By Sam Gibbs on at

Halo 4 isn't set to hit store shelves until next month, but that hasn't stopped both the physical game discs from leaking out into the wild, and the ISO hitting BitTorrent for pirates everywhere to get their grubby mitts on nice and early.

Microsoft is apparently chasing down the leaked copies, and probably trying to do something about the leaks onto BT, but that's unlikely to be successful. Review copies for AAA titles like this normally get spat out to journalists about this time, ahead of commercial release, so my money's on a sneaky PR or journalist letting the whole world in on the early preview.

Anyone tried it yet? Has 343 Industries done us a solid and made something even Bungie would be proud of? Let us know in the comments. [NeoGaf via Forbes]