Halo 4 Takes Over a Whole Freaking Country

By Sam Gibbs on at

As PR stunts go, this is one heck of a big one. Microsoft's taken over the whole of Lichtenstein with Halo 4; Master Chief, Warthogs, and monument take-overs included. A whole European country turned into something that looks like it came straight out of the game. Incredible.

The Xbox 360 team apparently carted some Halo super-fans and journalists out to Lichtenstein to be thrown into the middle of a Halo-style war zone, complete with pyrotechnics and neons galore.

Judging by the shots Microsoft brought back with it, the whole place looked freaking awesome. It must have been incredible to be in the middle of all that. Still, we'll get to experience something like it, as next week the Halo 4 show is apparently moving to London for a centre-of-the-city takeover for the launch on November 6th. [Microsoft via SFX]