Has Apple Lost It? iTunes Loop Blocks Apps and Music Downloads

By Sam Gibbs on at

Is it me or has Apple lost its mojo? I mean, one cock-up is fine, forgivable almost, but then there's two, three and so on. Bugs with the iPhone 5 launch blocked people's Wi-Fi, and now an infinite iTunes loop blocked people downloading games, apps and music over the weekend. Is Apple just having a run of bad luck, or has something actually failed here?

Basically, Apple changed the terms and conditions for access to its store, which sent people trying to download apps, or anything else from the iTunes store, into an incredibly annoying infinite loop that you just couldn't get out of. It was a glitch, for sure, but it shouldn't have happened, and it comes after a long line of bugs, problems and miss-steps that are plaguing Cupertino right now. In fact, even its cloud storage is having issues, with a glitch apparently gifting people 25GB of free storage until 2050 (not that we're complaining).

Everyone can have a bad day, week, or even month, but this is Apple we're talking about here. It's shiny, never-wrong white coat is starting to look a little grey and tatty round the edges. Is this the Apple we knew under Steve Jobs falling apart at the seems? It certainly feels like it.