Have Corporate Twitter Accounts' Banter Jumped the Shark With O2 and Tesco's Exchanges?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The popular O2 Twitter account, which once amused us all by being moderately self-aware about its crappy service, has spread its wings a little, engaging in some "banter" with whoever does the tweets for corporate giant Tesco. Is this chummy big business tweeting all getting a bit much?

O2's latest attempt at veering off-message to trigger the LOLs involves slagging off Tesco, with some not particularly amusing mum-based slurs and a pretty tedious thread full of banter and winking smiley faces to show that, actually, no offence is really meant and let's all meet up for a beer on Friday to discuss how great we are at enhancing brand engagement through social media channels.

O2 won itself some mainstream coverage after its excellent attempt at street slang went viral a week ago, but do we really need to see corporate humour and mainstream ribbing infecting the Twitter world? Also, ironically using the word "blud" in your tweets is perhaps not the best way to endear yourself to the masses. [Twitter]