Having Doubled Your Speed, Virgin Kicks Off Its Free 120Mbit Broadband Boost

By Sam Gibbs on at

Good news for those with Virgin's blazing 100Mbit broadband; after doubling everyone's speed for free, meaning 50Mbiters already got upgraded to 100Mbps, the cable company has just started bumping you all up to 120Mbit, and you don't have to spend a penny to get it, either.

It's all part of Virgin's continuing effort to get everyone on its network doubled in speed, which should complete by the middle of next year. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to double its top tier 100Mbps connection (that really would have been something), so you'll have to make do with a modest 20Mbit bump. Hell, that's faster than quite a lot of people's broadband to start off with, so a free 20Mbps jump is nothing to be sniffed at.

Considering 4G's about to come in and best quite a lot of fixed-line broadband connections, our traditional ISPs better up their game to make sure that a hard line is still the fastest way to connect in the home. I guess a 120Mbit connection isn't a bad start, roll on 300Mbps.

Image credit: Speedo from Shutterstock