Here's How to Get the Just-Released Prometheus Blu-Ray For the Cheapest Price Around

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yes, it's been that long. The time has come for the movie that had us all hyped up before it hit the cinema, to land on DVD and Blu-ray, and thankfully it won't cost you the Earth either. Packed to the brim with deleted scenes that actually explain some of the madness of Prometheus, this might be one movie actually worth owning on disc. Here's where to get it cheap.

According to our cousins over at Gizmodo Australia, the deleted scenes explain all sorts of things. Like why the Engineer sacrifices himself and the beginning; why the Biologist is hell-bent on antagonising the dangerous snake-like thing, and why the Engineer who wakes up seemingly takes serious offence to David's face and rips his head off. That only leaves the question, how does the guy who's mapping the place get lost, but maybe that'd ruin the mystery (or maybe the battery on his iPhone 25 ran flat?).

So far the cheapest place to grab it online seems to be £14 at either Amazon or HMV, but you might find that the supermarkets start flogging it off super cheap in-store. There's also a "Special Edition" up for grabs for £20, for those who truly loved it. I really hope we get a directors cut with all those missing scenes that explain things patched in -- that would be so much better from a plot-hole annihilating point of view. Anyway, if you find it any deals cheaper anywhere else, let us know in the comments and help your fellow Giz UKers out.

Oh, and here's a bonus, hilariously "honest" Prometheus trailer to ogle at: