Here's the First Look at Firefox for Windows 8

By Leslie Horn on at

Just a few weeks ahead of Microsoft's release of Windows 8, Mozilla has pushed the first preview version of Firefox Metro out of the nest.

Though its designed specifically for Metro, it also works on the classic Windows desktop environment. You can download it here, and it will be updated nightly. It's the same Firefox you know, with some added Windows 8/Metro-specific features. Here are a few to keep an eye out for:

- Touch and swipe gesture support
- Syncs with Firefox on the desktop
- Supports Windows 8 charms
- Data sharing between other Metro apps
- Tab bar with tab previews
- Keyboard shortcuts
- View pages in desktop mode

Here's the First Look at Firefox for Windows 8

You can read the full list of features here. Since this is just a preview version, some of them might not show up in the full release, which we'll see at the end of October. [Mozilla via TechCrunch]