Horror Films Aid Weight Loss and Watching The Shining Burns 183 Calories

By Gary Cutlack on at

Turns out that the Evil Dead remake might be an ideal first date movie, as research has found that watching a horror film burns up to 180 more calories than watching some boring old Jennifer Aniston light entertainment vehicle.

Apparently, according to seemingly serious research from the University of Westminster, watching 90 minutes of horror can burn through some 113 more calories than watching less challenging material, with classic The Shining causing the average viewer to get through 184 calories more than they would were they sitting comatose in front of the BBC News channel instead.

Films with extreme shock horror moments that make you jump are the best at fighting the flab, as the boost in heart rate and injection of adrenaline help raise the metabolic rate and therefore burn off that Snickers you had as your breakfast pudding.

There might be a slight element of "puffery" to these claims, though, as the University's research was paid for by film streamer LoveFilm. Which, we imagine, probably has a selection of horror films lined up for Halloween and would very much like to see a few fat people sign up for monthly subscriptions. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Frankenstein from Shutterstock