Internals of a Rumoured New Apple iMac Leak as Stock Runs Dry in the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've been hearing rumours about an iMac refresh for quite a while, but now a supposed leak of some redesigned internal iMac parts matches up well with a recent stock update from a UK high street retailer. Could an iMac refresh hit this month?

The photo of the modified internals comes from a Chinese forum, and according to iFixit's Kyle Wiens, it looks plausible. Of course, there's no way for us to truly verify the authenticity of the leak -- Apple's not the only one who makes all-in-ones or even laptops that resemble the layout of components on show here.

Still, it matches up nicely with a tip we received over the weekend that Dixons Retail (previously known as DSGi), the parent company of Currys and PC World here in the UK, has run out of stock of the 21.5-inch iMac. Not only that, but it's unlikely to get more stock coming in, with the words "do not forward sell" emblazoned on the stock update, which generally means it's not coming back.

These kinds of stock shortages at major Apple stockists normally indicate a refresh of the line is imminent, but whether it's a full-on redesign, or just a spec bump, is up for grabs. Combine this with the myriad of other rumours floating around and all signs point to a slimmer, body-changed iMac out of Apple soon, possibly with a retina display -- now that really would be something worth taking a look at. [ via MacRumors -- Thanks DSGi tipster!]