iPad Air or iPad Mini, That Is the Question

By Jesus Diaz on at

Later today we're finally going to see the 7.85-inch version of the iPad Apple's been working on, but there's something about it that we don't know yet: what will it actually be called? There's been some talk about an iPad Air, which makes sense and I like it quite a bit more than 'iPad mini'. But what do you think it will be called? iPad Air or iPad Mini?

Here you have Gizmodo crew stupid ideas:

  • Just iPad (Gibbs)
  • DemiPad (Joe)
  • iPad Lite (Barrett)
  • Diet iPad (Wagner)
  • Girl iPad (Biddle)
  • iPad Zero (Wagner)
  • Tinipad (me)
  • iPad for Little Baby Girls (Biddle)
  • Smaller iPad Bigger Heart (Barrett)
  • iPad for Kyle Wagner's Hands (Wagner)
  • iPod Touch Pro XL (Adrian)
  • iPad DS (Wagner)
  • Dollshandspad (Leslie)
  • iPad Pocket (Wagner)
  • iPad Tween (me)

Image courtesy of Martin Hajek.