iPad Apps Of The Week: The Wider Image, Bullett, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

Some weeks the well is dry when it comes to apps, but this time around there was a bumper crop of awesome new titles for the iPad. From a beautiful way to view iconic photos, to a way to learn about U.S. history, we're dropping a tonne of new apps you'll want to download this week.

The Wider Image: That photo of the situation room when SEAL Team 6 took out Osama? Along with some of the most legendary pictures of this era, it is a Reuters photo. Now you can peep that image and many others and learn the story behind it from the point of view of the photographer in Reuter's official photo app. Free

BULLETT: If you haven't checked out BULLETT you're doing it wrong—the quarterly mag is a guide to current music, art, fashion, and lifestyle. Reverse your mistake and download the virtual Bible of cool on your iPad, and you'll be blessed with pretty much everything worthwhile right now in terms of culture and coolness. £1.99/month, £13.99/year

American Presidents : Sometimes you'll see those man on the street interviews where people are asked to name the current president and they make you depressed because tonnes of people can't answer correctly. But that will never be you, especially if you review the bios of all 44 commanders in chief on this app. It's whimsically illustrated and chock full of facts—great whether you're nine or 90. £2.49