iPhone Apps Of The Week: Photoset, The Paris Review, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

We have a bit of a high-brow edition of this week's best iPhone apps. From an app that'll teach you all about wine, to a stalwart lit mag, we're flexing your brain muscle for you this time around.

Photoset: Part of the beauty of Tumblr is the ability to share photos in simple sets. Unfortunately you can't do that in the blog's main app. But now this new title will let you create these collections on your phone, and share them to Tumblr, Twitter, or email. Free

Wine Ratings+: It's really easy to fake wine knowledge. Real viticultural smarts are harder to come by, but you can cheat using this new title from Wine Spectator, which gives you ratings on thousands of wines and teaches you how to taste properly, pick a good bottle, and how to tell the difference between a Bordeaux and a Burgundy. Free

Recall: Hundreds of albums and books and movies are released every week and they might pass you by if you don't write yourself a note. Recall will remind you—select from its list of forthcoming titles, and it will alert you with a push notification when the content you're dying to peep hits the iTunes Store. Free

The Magazine: You're reading Gizmodo, so there's a strong chance you'll at least want to check out The Magazine, the new bi-monthly publication from Instapaper creator Marco Arment. It gives you several tech-focused articles a week, some original, some culled from blogs. And if you're interested, make haste—Arment says he'll shut it down in two months if it isn't successful. £1.49/month

Photoset, The Paris Review, and MoreThe Paris Review : The quarterly lit mag where some of your favorite authors got their start has gone digital. For $30 a month you can read new material and download vintage issues as well. And even if you don't want to pay up, you can read its daily blog all from the app. Subscription