Is iOS 6 Totally Destroying Your Data Allowance, Even When You're On Wi-Fi?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Reports out today indicate that iOS 6 users in Britain are suffering from data overload, as their iPhones are chewing through their data allowance faster than a fat kid devours cake. Apparently, iOS 6 even eats cellular data when on Wi-Fi.

iOS 6 does bundle in a load more streaming and cloud connectivity-based features, but if you've been using that kind of thing through 3rd-party apps like Spotify since iOS 5, surely that's really no different on iOS 6. One addition Apple did make to its latest and greatest that might explain it is that, if you're connected to a Wi-Fi source, but it's not allowing data through, your iPhone will still pull down stuff over 3G -- handy if you automatically get bumped onto a hotspot that needs authentication or something.

Is anyone in our iOS 6 readership noticing this? I personally haven't, but then I'm on an unlimited plan and chew through data pretty quickly anyway. [The Guardian]