Is It Right to Charge Money to Print Your Own Tickets at Home?

By Gary Cutlack on at

While some people are perfectly happy to pay £400 to watch a handful pensioners playing songs from the 1960s, there's one ticketing scam that still seems particularly mean -- charging us "delivery fees" even when we're printing out emailed digital copies of tickets.

Companies like Ticketmaster charge £2.75 for its Ticketfast delivery service, a way of letting buyers instantly print their own tickets for scanning and validation at the door. But given how expensive bloody printer ink is, and the fact Ticketmaster's saving money on posting actual tickets out to customers, surely we ought to be getting discounts for printing our own tickets?

Ticketmaster says the fee is put toward staffing venue doors to make sure there are enough people to "read and validate the tickets" bought online, but surely those people would be milling about the venues anyway? [Which?]

Image credit: Ticket Maker