It's Official: Patent Wars Are Killing the Tech Industry

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some rather dry data covering trends in the tech patent world has reached the conclusion that the "Patent Wars" are indeed bogging down many tech firms with cost claims, with the number of "Patent Trolls" rocketing as some see it as an easy way to make a few quid out of the big tech players.

The data, compiled on behalf of the US Government Accountability Office, claims that four out of the five top patent claimants are bodies that exist specifically to file patent claims, extracting money through out-of-court settlements before cases ever reach the tired eyes of the judges. A company like this is referred to as a "patent monetization entity," a particularly soulless term for an equally soulless practise.

With patent battles so expensive to fight, those pitching their claims tend to ask for modest settlement numbers, making it a "no brainer" for their targets to settle before going to court, even if they think they may have a solid case. [TechEye]