Joy Division's Famous Unknown Pleasures Squiggles are Actually Astronomically-Linked

By Sam Scott on at

"There is a global cult around Unknown Pleasures and very much around this image," says graphic artist and designer of New Order's Blue Monday record sleeve, Peter Saville. And he's right. The iconic image has since had a life of its own, having appeared on everything from book covers to the soles of designer shoes, not to mention several peoples' skin.

The band apparently picked out the image themselves from the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy, with the video above explaining that the wiggly lines are a readout from a "comparative path demonstration of the frequency of a signal from a pulsar." The very first pulsar observed, in fact. And for those of you who need reminding (err, not me), a pulsar is a stage in the formation of a black hole. [Vimeo via io9]

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