Kickstarter UK's Launching on October 31st For All Your Crazy Ideas

By Sam Gibbs on at

Do you love the various ingenious projects and ideas that crop up on Kickstarter? Wish there was a UK version? The wait is nearly over. Come October 31st we'll have a Kickstarter to call our own, well, sort of.

Kickstarter UK projects will still be hosted on the US site, but they'll be open to people based on this side of the pond, both for building projects and for supporting them. Of course, people outside of the UK will still be able to pledge their support just like the US version, but everything will be in pounds sterling, finally.

The other good news is that international shipping for US projects will also be streamlined, meaning that all those fancy US Kickstarter ideas will be easier to grab from the UK too. Anyway, if you've got an idea, and are based in Britain, you can submit your project from today, ready for the end of the month. Now, has anyone got any stellar ideas I can pinch? [Kickstarter]