Kindle Paperwhite Coming to the UK, for £109

By Gary Cutlack on at

The very popular, super-contrasty Kindle Paperwhite is coming to the UK after all, with Amazon UK confirming we'll be getting it, alongside its other new tablets, at the end of October.

The Paperwhite will be ready to send out on October 25th, with a current supposedly break-even asking price of £109 attached to it. Given the rave reviews the US model has already picked up, it ought to do very well with the booky/techy types over here too. If you're feeling rich, a 3G Paperwhite model will arrive alongside with Wi-Fi only machine for £169.

In case you dismissed it due to its previous US-only status, the Kindle Paperwhite features a higher-resolution display, a supposed eight-week battery life, Wi-Fi and that lovely papery white display for that new book feel. [Amazon]