LG's Nexus Photographed From Every Possible Angle

By Gary Cutlack on at

As if LG's Optimus Nexus wasn't already the most-leaked unannounced phone in history, we now have yet more visual details on the thing -- in the form of a mock 3D animation of the phone itself.

The rotating 3D composite has been assembled by site Onliner, which has plonked the previously seen prototype unit in a little stand and created a rotating, 3D look at LG's unannounced Nexus model. It actually seems a little more interesting and less like a Galaxy Nexus clone in this little animation, so we're now a few per cent more excited about this switch in Nexus maker.

Although at this rate of unscheduled public appearances, the LG Nexus will be in Carphone Warehouse's discount bins before LG and Google get around to announcing it, so we should all soon be able to produce our own internet showcases of the next Nexus. [Onliner via Android Central]