Man Actually Has LG's Optimus Nexus Sitting on His Desk

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new set of images of LG's Optimus Nexus model have appeared online, complete with full tech specs from a development-minded man who's actually in possession of a working prototype of LG's Nexus phone.

The new photos and specs come from a user on the XDA Android development forum, who's abusing his privileged position to out everything to do with this year's new Nexus phone. Internally, LG's Nexus is running on a quad-core chipset running at 1.5GHz alongside an Adreno 320GPU, plus there's 2GB of RAM, a display outputting at 768x1184 resolution and, as sadly expected from a Nexus device these days, no SD card slot.

Visually, it might please and disappoint some users. It'll please the ones who liked last year's Galaxy Nexus, as it looks pretty much identical, from the rounded shape right down to the contoured, stippled back, so anyone expecting a brave new design from Nexus newcomer LG will be left a little disappointed with its homage to Samsung's last official Google phone.

At least it's not sparkly any more. [XDA via PocketNow]