Marantz Consolette is the Speaker Dock for the Wealthy Audiophile

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you need a new thing to put your iPhone in and have a budget of £900 to do so, the £899 Marantz Consolette just squeezes in on budget. It's so posh that even the back of the thing is made from walnut.

You do get a lot of features for the cash, mind. The Consolette is also a streaming internet radio, has support for wireless streaming from PC, Mac or any attached network device (even Android via DLNA), plus Ethernet and USB connections for more permanent wiring into your home's music delivery systems, whatever they may be.

And just in case your audiophile friends look down on the phone docking scene, the actual bit you plug the iPhone into is contained within a little sliding tray, so can be hidden from view. [Marantz]