Mememize!: Add Rage Faces to Your Photos

By Jon Partridge on at

Much like anyone else who is an avid user of the Internet, we quite enjoy the odd rage face now and again, and sometimes we do wish we could plaster a troll face over a ridiculous photo that simply screams for it. And I'm sure you have too, but now you can, as Mememize! lets you do exactly that from the comfort of your iPhone.


What does it do?

Lets you slap on over 100 humorous rage faces to any of the photos on your device, or ones you are about to take, and also lets you share them quickly and easily.


Why do we like it?

While Mememize! isn't the only meme-adding app out in the App Store, we found that it's quite the rapid and simple little app that does exactly what it says on the tin. We like the ability to save an image in various states, meaning we can keeping on editing and saving to our heart's content, so we can crank out variations of the same image. We also like that we can add adjustable text and captions quickly and easily. Plus the quick social media sharing means you can Tweet out your creations to your friends, or even make your own brand-new Forever Alone profile picture on Facebook. Simple and to the point. [RedmondPie]

Mememize! is a £0.69 download for iPhone