Men Look Utterly Puny Next to Just 1/6 of Our Colossal New Aircraft Carrier

By Sam Gibbs on at

What you're looking at here is just one of six sections of our brand new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, which is currently under construction by BAE Systems. It's being moved to Rosyth to be mated with another couple of her massive sections. There's no doubt, this thing is going to be an absolute monster.

Standing 20m high and 80m long, just that section alone weighs in at 11,300 tonnes -- that's more than an entire Duke class Frigate or even the new Type 26 Global Combat Ship -- and took 40 men three hours to move it with 450 remote controlled transporters. It was loaded onto the world's biggest sea-going barge to be shipped up round the north coast of Scotland from Govan in Glasgow to Rosyth on the other side of the Scottish coast.

We've still got quite a while to wait before the first of our supercarriers is up and running, but the HMS Queen Elizabeth certainly is going to be one impressive beast. Let's just hope we never need to actually use her in combat.

Image credit: BAE Systems