Milton Keynes Cows Vandalised / Massively Improved by Dinosaur Respray

By Gary Cutlack on at

The famous concrete cows of Milton Keynes have been vandalised, with the local equivalent of Banksy blacking them up and turning them into dinosaur skeletons.

The Parks Trust, the charitable group charged with maintaining the welfare of the stone bovines, say it will cost £2,000 to repaint the cows and it may even have to move them if such outrageous crimes against 1970s municipal art continue. The Trust has reported this "crime" to the police, even though it's clearly an enormous improvement and quite a clever piece of work.

Here's an idea. Instead of complaining about how rubbish these concrete animals are every year, why not hold an annual contest to jazz the poor old cows up like this? It might even give hard done by MK a tourist attraction. [BBC]

Image credit: Fiona Norrie

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