Monstrously Big Eyeball Found Washed Up On Florida Coast

By Sam Scott on at

Florida man, Gino Covacci, was walking along the beach when he saw what looked like a baseball at the high tide line. He gave it a little kick, but when it rolled over, it stared right back at him! The monster eyeball was fresh and "still bleeding", so he put it in a plastic bag and notified the police who gave him the number of the Oceanograhic Institute.

Experts have so far been stumped as to which sea beast the eye belongs to. As for Gino's guess: squid or octopus, which aren't bad calls, as both need large eyes to see in dark waters. Swordfish is another strong contender and confirmation will no doubt come from anatomical and genetic analysis at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. But while it's up in the air, all bets for Cthulhu are still on! [Orlando Sentinel via The Register]