New UK Mobile Coverage Checker Splits Voice Quality From Data Speed

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new way of mapping mobile data coverage is now live in the UK, which generates vastly more local and useful data than that provided by the networks -- and also separates call quality from data connectivity.

The result of Root Metrics' new UK service is a map populated by little hexagonal sample areas, which give each zone a separate connectivity score for phone signal strength and mobile data speed, things you might not expect to be independent from each other.

The data is compiled by a mixture of an official "scout team" out in the field plus user data fed back through a smartphone app, which is then presented to us lot in the form of a user-friendly Google Maps interface.

The service has been running in the US for quite some time, winning fans thanks to its real-world data that takes into account super-local topography and offers much greater accuracy than the vague official network maps. [Root Metrics via The Register]