Nokia Breaks The Browsing Paradigm; Boosts Lumia Browsing With Xpress

By Jon Partridge on at

Yes, I have no idea what the "Browsing Paradigm" is either, but hey, Nokia has released their server-side compression platform, Xpress, to Lumia users in the form of a beta, which provides a 75 per cent reduction in traffic, SkyDrive integration as well as some nifty browsing tweaks that makes the whole browsing experience a bit quicker. Neat.

Having been available for Nokia's Asha series of not-quite-smartphones for a while now, Xpress interprets web pages in the cloud and delivers only the final layout to the phone just as most alternative phone browsers do. Xpress, however, adds translation, word lookup, SkyDrive integration as well as a handy Magazine feature to the browsing experience.

Magazine, in a nutshell, is a glorified RSS reader with a bit of local caching and a Windows Phone lick of paint. Bing provides the word lookup services, while SkyDrive lets you save a page for later reading, although this isn't quite so handy with no internet connection.

While boosted browsing was mostly intended for emerging markets who don't quite have fast internet access, Nokia is pretty much ignoring that, as most people with a Lumia handset most likely has either a decent 3G connection or Wi-Fi handy, meaning the company is mostly looking at simply improving the browsing experience. That works for me. [Nokia Beta Labs via The Register]