O2 Gives Ericsson the Boot and Pledges £10 Million to Fix Reoccurring Network Issues

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently all the trouble that O2's been having recently with network outages, with the last issue raising its ugly head just last week, have been down to Ericsson. Its recently installed Ericsson-provided Centralised User Database keeps cocking up, and it'll take £10 million to replace.

As O2 explains on its blog, it's all down to the database essentially not recognising groups of users, effectively barring them from the network. That's precisely what happened back in July with O2's three-day blackout, and again just last week.

O2 will roll back onto previous hardware, which will cost in the region of £10 million to implement, and that's on top of reported £1.5 million O2's spending daily to beef up its network. Considering O2's been pretty dodgy of late, I'd say it's a necessary evil. Hopefully this'll put its recent spate of outages to rest; it certainly needs to get things locked down again if it's going to win customers back, or even hold onto the ones it currently has. Is this too late for you, though? Have you already jumped ship from O2? [O2 via the Guardian]

Image credit: Mobile masts from Shutterstock