Ofcom, the Networks and the Government May Bring Forward the UK's 4G Auction

By Gary Cutlack on at

All of the big players in the UK mobile industry are gathering for a chat and most probably a buffet lunch today, with the networks, mobile regulator Ofcom and Culture Secretary Maria Miller hoping to end the hostility over EE's early doors launch of a 4G network.

The plan is believed to be looking at speeding up the 4G spectrum auction process and the allocation of the LTE-friendly frequencies, which would allow the other networks to launch 4G services in the UK by May or June of 2013, rather than dragging it out until the end of 2013 and giving EE a head start of nearly an entire year.

Any sign of a deal today could result in EE announcing an official launch date for its LTE service too, as the network's plans are currently in limbo pending potential legal threats from other networks were it to go ahead without reaching some sort of agreement. [BBC]