Oh Dear, Robocop's New Vehicles Look Lame

By Sam Gibbs on at

First we saw a spy-shot of the new Robocop-reboot suit on set, which looked more like Batman crossed with Tron than the bullet-proof rozzer from the original Robocop. Now we get a glimpse at Robo's new cars and, err, bike. And, well, they're pretty lame-looking.

I don’t know about you, but if Robo had to ride a bike, you'd think it'd look a bit more beefy than a Kawasaki Ninja. I mean, he weighed about the same as a car, right? How on Earth is that thing going to work? Considering, too, that we're far enough in the future that we've got a full-blown cyborg running around, you would have thought that the cars would look a bit better, or a least a bit more futuristic, than those crap-mobiles.

Movies these days basically don't normally have many, if any scenes without some sort of CGI in them, so perhaps all will be made better with computer augmentation. I have a feeling though, that despite having till 2014 to get it right, this Robocop reboot is going to be a lame duck, and that'll surely suck. [Jalopnik, 2YouTube]