Our Cops Could Bust Crime a Bit Quicker With Ford's Brand New Police-Coloured Focus ST

By Jon Partridge on at

Now here's a set of wheels I'm sure our very own Matt Delito would love to get behind, as I'm sure it's going to be more than just a tad quicker than the usual police car you see driving down the street. Yes, Ford has decked out a Focus ST Wagon draped in police colours and a mean looking grill to stare down crime in the face, and I'm sure it absolutely flies.

The wagon has a pretty nifty all LED light bar (pretty much blinding, of course), and an integrated data terminal, making the whole police-ing process a bit more streamlined, and of course, it's just as fast as the usual Focus ST, meaning fleeing criminals practically don't stand a chance.

At the moment, Ford is just demonstrating the prowess of the car, but the manufacturer is dead serious about showing how awesome this car would be for our police forces. Got to say though, I'm still a bigger fan of the Impreza WRX from Hot Fuzz... [Jalopnik]

Photo Credit: Ford