Outed Reddit Perv Sacked and Now Advertising for Coder Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

Instead of laying low for a bit, maybe changing his name, growing a beard and moving house, hugely perverted Reddit superstar Violentacrez is now using the social site to advertise his skills as an available Perl coder.

49-year-old programmer Michael Brutsch, who was sensationally outed by our brother site Gawker as dodgy gonzo porn-loving Redditor Violentacrez, has re-registered himself on the site under the username mbrutsch. His first posts revealed he'd been "terminated" by his employer due to the revelations, also claiming he'd received death threats and has recorded an interview with US news site CNN.

But, looking on the bright side, he has started advertising his skills as a potential Perl programmer someone might actually want to hire and be associated with, asking for employment within the adult content industry. His online CV makes no mention of Reddit, but presumably that's something potential employers would learn about when Googling him before the interview.

Feedback to the move among Reddit users appears to be a little mixed. Some are congratulating him for fronting it out and using his notoriety to hopefully gain work, while others are querying who'd want a globally shamed mega-perv managing their business servers. Even porn sites have standards, surely? [Guardian]