Photoshop a Nokia Lumia 920; Win a Nokia Lumia 920

By Kat Hannaford on at

Here's an easy way to become one of the first people in the country with a Nokia Lumia 920 in your hot little hand -- yup, it's a Photoshop Challenge! Jump over for more details.

The Lumia range is obviously one of the brightest collections of smartphones around; heck, Nokia's even based its most recent (and rather daring) advert using this angle. But I want to see you go one step further. Download one of the three images on this post, and using Photoshop, MS Word, or your own bare hand, customise it to your heart's content -- will you make it a solid colour? Give it some mad patterns? Implant Princess Leia hair-plugs on either side of its head?

Whatever you do, make sure you read the rules...


The Rules

- Submissions MUST be your own work.
- Email submissions to, with the subject "Lumia competition."
- Please ensure your image is at least 600px wide, and in landscape format (preferably 640 x 360).
- Save your image as a JPG, and use the following naming convention FirstnameLastnameLumia.jpg
- Send your best effort by Monday, 29th October at 10am UK time with “Lumia competition” in the subject line. Anyone who sends their entries in before this Friday will have their submissions shown in a tantalising preview gallery at the end of the week.
- Only those based in the UK can enter; the date the winner will receive their prize of the Lumia 920 is yet to be confirmed.
- The most important rule — HAVE FUN.

A sneak peek gallery of the first batch of entries will be published this Friday at 4pm, with the remaining entries (and winner) announced soon after October 29th.

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