Pirate Bay's Two-Day Downtime Was a Boring PSU Issue, Not a Global Crackdown

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Pirate Bay suffered nigh-on 48 hours of downtime earlier this week, prompting millions of internet users to consider paying for legitimate DVD copies of movies. Or, more likely, to spend 30 seconds looking for an alternate torrent tracker. Anyway, it's back up.

The Bay's large chunk of downtime wasn't caused by the Feds, Interpol, the Swedish government, Julian Assange, or because Barack Obama ordered Navy Seals to steal the site's hard drives because 20th Century Fox complained about all the people currently downloading Prometheus Blu-ray rips.

No, the downtime was in fact due to a broken power distribution unit at its key data centre, a mundane event that won't make the cut should the Pirate Bay story ever receive the Hollywood blockbuster dramatisation treatment.

However, the downtime did cause some confusion. Due to a coincidental raid at Swedish ISP PRQ.se, which used to host some Pirate Bay business and apparently still operates a minor relay for TPB, internet vigilantes decided it was their fault for the Bay's downtime, leading to hacking collective Anonymous threatening revenge on the Swedish government for attacking PRQ and possibly damaging the Bay and other torrent sites.

It's all very serious, this internet business. Never, ever have a smile on your face if you're anywhere near a computer, else you'll get raided. [TorrentFreak]