Play This Typing Karoake Game to Get Better at Typing

By Casey Chan on at

We're not all blessed with the vocal chords or performance abilities to be a karoake superstar but we've all spent a heckuva lotta time with our fingers on a keyboard. So prove your typing skills by playing Typing Karoake, it's an 8-bit typing game that lets you type out song lyrics as if you were singing karoake. It's fun!

The game was created by Travis Chen and it's fun to screw around with (I'm not the only one who likes to know what their WPM is, right?). You can choose songs by Kanye West, Radiohead, LMFAO, and more. The song plays while the lyrics scroll, so you'll have a gauge of how fast to type. Play it here. [Typing Karoake via Design Taxi]