Police Driver Undertakes Cyclist; Head Camera Captures Everything

By Gary Cutlack on at

A police driver forced his way past a cyclist using a London bus lane to undertake him, and might have got away with it were it not for the biker's head-mounted camera capturing the entire confrontation for the entertainment of the YouTube massive.

The clip's scary enough to begin with, showing the cyclist riding through the dense and hazard-packed streets of London, before a police Range Rover appears from nowhere, coming up the inside of the poor chap and cutting him up, leaving what the cyclist says was around one metre of clearance.

The rider caught up with the driver at the next junction and demanded his details. The driver claimed the rider was in the wrong lane and had actually inconvenienced him, but you can't really argue with someone who happened to be filming the entire thing. You also can't argue when the driver just drives off mid conversation, but you can upload the video to YouTube complete with his registration number, if you were filming it.

More proof, as if any was needed, that it really is essential to have a head-mounted camera recording your every move at all times. [YouTube via Evening Standard]