Poor David Cameron's Only Twitter Friends Are His Party MPs

By Gary Cutlack on at

PM David Cameron has managed four tweets since signing up a more personal account on the social networking site on Saturday, managing to make a "joke," plug a charity, talk about his next TV performance and make an attempt at buddying up to his mate William Hague.

As you might expect, reading the @ messages sent to Cameron through the site, or just searching for his name, finds the most almighty torrent of abuse waiting for him. We'd hope Sarah Brown, the long-tweeting wife of former PM Gordon Brown, who's sitting pretty on a huge 1.2m followers, has told him to never bother checking the @ tab.

Despite appearing to want to make it a more personal account, Cameron's only currently following other Conservative party members who regularly tweet, without a space on his follow list for Stephen Fry or any of the other madly popular Twitterati members -- although he is following his deadly right-wing rival Boris Johnson.

If you want to hook up and/or aggressively abuse Dave, the key thing to remember is he's on Twitter as David *underscore* Cameron, as some random American David Cameron has been tweeting mundane things about his life for years under the prestigious DavidCameron name. [Twitter]