Profits Down as HTC's Global Revenue Continues to Slide

By Gary Cutlack on at

HTC's revenue and profit numbers for the last quarter show that it's struggling to return to the sensational form of previous years, with both numbers showing huge drops on the same period of 2011.

For Q3 of 2012, HTC recorded a profit of around £82m, quite a big drop from the £395m or so it banked in the same quarter of 2011. Revenue was nearly half that of 2011 too, despite a pretty unanimous positive reception to this year's new range of Android models.

However, work continues to jazz up its Android and Windows Phone lines, with the company announcing the launch of cash-saving aggregation app Best Deals for some of its handsets. The money-saving app, which will be an HTC exclusive, should arrive pre-loaded inside the HTC One X+ and the Windows Phone 8X and 8S, before appearing on other One series Android models later this year.

Companies like LivingSocial, Trip Advisor and Qype will be providing the discounts that'll feature inside HTC's new bargain aggregator. [Slashgear 1 & 2]