Pure's Jongo S340B Wireless Speaker Aims to Take On Sonos Without the Horrendous Price Tag

By Sam Gibbs on at

Pure's getting into the multi-room audio space that Sonos basically dominates at the moment. Pure's play here is price; its new Jongo music system is, apparently, "the most affordable mainstream multi-room audio system" in the world. Considering even the most basic Sonos system is pretty damn pricy, Pure might have something worth looking at with the new Jongo S340B, if you're looking to expand you speaker setup about the house.

The first in the Jongo family line is the S340B wireless speaker, which comes packing a 10-hour battery; four speakers paired to a sub, and both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for £150. Four sound profiles mean that the speaker can produce 360-degree sound in either mono or stereo; standard stereo, or a boosted "outdoors" mode, which pumps up the volume to annoy the heck out of your neighbours. The S340B is controlled primarily through the Pure Connect app, which will be available on iOS, both iPad and iPhone, as well as Android phones and tablets by the end of the year. Alternatively you can use Pure's Jongo system to control things through one of its connected radios like the One Flow or Sensia 200D.

If you're just looking for just local non-multi-room music playback, the S340B can also act as a wireless Bluetooth speaker just like any other, which means if you're in the mood for something that the Pure app doesn't pack (like video for instance), you can just hook the thing up via Bluetooth and away you go.

The rest of the Jongo family will see light of day at CES, where we'll apparently be greeted by a Hi-Fi connector, so you can rig up your existing system, as well as another wireless speaker, presumably something bigger. Pure's Jongo is a great idea, especially if you're already invested in the Pure ecosystem, or you're looking to get some multi-room audio going on-the-relatively-cheap. Of course, if you've already invested in Apple's ecosystem, and have your own speakers dotted about, a cheaper alternative might be to hook up some Airplay speakers, Apple TVs or Airport Expresses, but then you couldn't take things on the road, should you want to listen to the Stranglers while walking through actual fields of gold.

The Jongo S340B will set you back some £150 and arrive on the store shelves in November. If you're absolutely wowed by the idea, you'll be able to pre-order a couple by the end of the week with the likes of Amazon.