Quite Possibly the Funnest Use of Emoji

By Casey Chan on at

Emojis are almost always fun. I mean, does it get better than throwing up hilarious characters like a hammering toilet with winged money to friends or changing Jay-Z and Kanye West lyrics to Emoji so hard? Didn't think so. But what about those shape emojis? THOSE are useless. Until now.

Those stupid shape Emojis that no one really ever uses CAN ACTUALLY BE USED TO PLAY CONNECT FOUR. GENIUS. Yeah, there's probably an app for that but WHO THE HELL cares. It's Emoji 4 and that's funner than any digital board game on the planet.
Quite Possibly the Funnest Use of EmojiWhoever invented this. You are a genius. You should solve the world's recycling problem. You should be President. [FuckyeahRageToons via BuzzFeed]