Rather Grim Evil Dead Remake Trailer Now Online

By Gary Cutlack on at

Well, they certainly haven't toned it down. The new trailer for the Evil Dead remake shows that, no, it's not exactly treading new ground, with most of the familiar sequences from the original already in place. And, yes, it is very nasty.

Director and star of the first film Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are onboard as producers, with the action itself directed by South American newcomer Fede Alvarez. The updated CG effects and rather serious tone make it seem like more of a proper horror movie than the original, which had some very bizarre moments of comedy, plus this is definitely one of the more brutal movie trailers there's been.

Don't watch it over lunch, especially not if you're eating pasta and tomato sauce and licking it off a spork. And yes, there's a tree in it. Say no more. [YouTube via Total Film]