RBS and NatWest Launch NFC for iPhone 4S, But Only Via a Crappy Plastic Case

By Gary Cutlack on at

TouchPay is a new system of managing NFC payments, designed for iPhone 4 and 4S users who don't mind the social stigma that comes from having a pretty shameful plastic case known as the iCarte covering their fancy telephones.

The iCarte system, when teamed with an app RBS and NatWest have made available through iTunes, brings the standard NFC system to iPhone 4 and 4S mobiles (but not the iPhone 5 yet), with users able to pay for items costing up to £20 without entering a PIN number direct from the funds in their bank accounts.

It's currently only running on a trial basis, with a limited number of NFC cases available for mobile banking customers of NatWest and RBS. It'll hit everyone soon, as long as Apple fans don't mind the system's reliance on a dodgy grey case. [NatWest TouchPay via TNW]