Report: iPad Mini Prices Leak and Point to Eight Different Models

By Eric Limer on at

With all the iPad Mini rumours that have been swirling around, the one thing we've been missing is info on price. Now, according to a leaked screenshot from Mobile Geeks, we have a potential price point we can sweat over and scrutinise: 249 Euros, or £200, for an 8GB, Wi-Fi only iPad Mini.

The image is a screencap of an inventory system used widely in both Europe and Asia. And if you account for the exchange rate, the purported pricing scheme goes like this: start with the 249 Euro baseline, and add another 100 Euro if you want to double the storage. It all culminates in a 64GB, 3G model that costs a whopping 649 Euro, or £520.

For the moment, there's no telling whether or not these price are accurate or how they might relate to the price in GBP. But now, as the suspected October 23rd announcement date creeps forward, we a possibility to ponder, and stress about. If you're in the market for a tablet maybe its time to give some thought to how price sensitive you should be. [Mobile Geeks via GigaOm]